During the academic year, The Barn is a venue for undergraduate student-centered social events. Chartered undergraduate student organizations can reserve the space for events such as receptions, dances, cookouts, parties, movie screenings and concerts.

Graduate student organizations and university departments are also able to request The Barn during the academic year, after the undergraduate lottery process has been completed. Those hosting events for undergraduate students may do so without paying rental fees; however those hosting other types of events will be charged.

The Barn should not be requested for regularly scheduled meetings, fairs and class meetings.

During breaks in the academic calendar (spring, summer, fall, winter), The Barn can be requested by University departments for events such as meetings, retreats, and banquets.

During the months of June and July ONLY, external groups may request The Barn for events such as weddings or parties.

Please note only one event per day may be scheduled in The Barn. If there is a late evening event, any event scheduled for the next day must begin after 1:00pm. Barn management reserves the right to hold the space for cleaning, maintenance and other special circumstances as needed. Exceptions to scheduling practices must be approved by Barn management.

Event Management Training

All student organizations hosting an event at The Barn must attend Event Management Training (start of the semester). Organizations hosting events with alcohol must also attend Social Host Liability Training (start of each semester) and have at least 5 members certified as Event Hosts (ongoing training available through Sakai).

Capacity for Social Events

The maximum capacity for social events is 570 people.

Personal Property Disclaimer

The Barn does not assume responsibility for any damage or loss to personal property or equipment. We caution you not to leave personal property or equipment unattended or overnight in the venue.

Cancellation Policy

Student organizations and University departments must cancel their event 5 business days in advance of their reservation or they may incur cancellation fees.

General Guidelines

Staffing – Prior to the start of your event, check in with the Event Resource Manager on duty for the evening. Share contact information in case any issues arise and review the event for the evening. Events cannot take place if an Event Resource Manager is not present.

Dining Service – Food and beverage agreements must be made with the Wake Forest catering office (336-758-5610). Outside caterers and food are not permitted in The Barn.

Alcohol & Other Beverages – All alcohol served at events hosted by departments or external groups must be provided by the Wake Forest catering office (Aramark). For student alcohol policies, please see the Student Event Guidelines.

Fire Pit – Only the staff on duty may operate the fire pit. The fire pit is for non-cooking uses only.

Lighting – The lights above the bathroom and the bar must remain on throughout your event. Exceptions for events such as film screenings can be made in advance when placing your reservation.

Parking – The driveway leading up to The Barn is a no parking zone. You may unload guests and/or equipment, but you may not leave a standing vehicle in the turnabout. Guests of your event may park in Lot U, next to Palmer and Piccolo residence halls. If you would like to arrange to reserve a parking lot or a shuttle, you must contact Parking and Transportation (336-758-6129).


Excessive cleanup and/or damage to the facility and grounds may result in additional charges.


Violations of any of the above guidelines may result in the following:

  • Loss of reservation(s)
  • Loss of privilege to use The Barn for the semester
  • Lowest selection spot during the next lottery
  • Referral to the Office of Student Conduct